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Absolute Beginners - League
01 October at 1930
RAC/FZ5 South City Long

08 October at 1930
FBM Rockingham Historic

15 October at 1930
ABC-Cup South City Long

22 October at 1930
MRT Fern Bay Gold
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24 Sep : 21:46
ABC Cup race 1 & 2 stats posted in Race Statistics

24 Sep : 21:32
ABC cup race 1 & 2 posted in great replay topic

24 Sep : 14:09
ABC-Cup rules etc:

23 Sep : 12:06
Test has ended, regular Lapper has been switched on again.

22 Sep : 15:34
Because of a test for a new Lapper module, I have swtiched off the regular Lapper until tomorrow (23-09 , 12:00 CEST)

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winter break is over
Gutholz, Sunday 08 January 2017 - 19:23:21 // comment: 0

The short winter-break has ended and the new year starts with double BMW power:
Today evening we have the second event of the Formular BMW Cup, at Aston Club
Laps sprint race: 14
Laps main race: 27
(MID server)
A good warmup for the main league race next week when the same car gets bounced around the streets of South City.

Rockingham Historic and track limits
Mazdarati, Sunday 18 December 2016 - 16:53:44 // comment: 0

Dear racers,

Today's race is at Rockingham Historic, a place where at some places it is faster to have 4 wheels off track. A car is 'off track' when all 4 tyres are outside the track limits. The track is defined as the racing surface including blue/white curbs.

For today's race will enforce track limits at 3 specific places:

- Turn 1 (chicane):

Having all 4 tyres in the grass, at either the chicane entry or exit, is illegal. Hitting the black poles is not illegal.

- Turn 2 (chicane):

Driving on the light grey concrete with all 4 tyres is illegal, as well as having all 4 tyres in the grass on entry. Hitting the black poles is not illegal.

- The 2nd last turn (hairpin):

It is illegal when the car has 100% crossed the white line on the exit of this hairpin. Hitting the cones is not illegal.

Basically at least 1 tyre should be on the track at all times.

If a driver has cut the track he can slow down considerably afterwards ('considerably' meaning slowing down enough to make up for the gained time) to prevent getting a penalty. This has to be done before the next turn.

Obviously we can't monitor this during the event, so we will check the qualy and race replays for these 3 specific places.

When a drivers fastest time in qualification was illegal this driver will receive a 5 points deduction.

Every 3rd time a driver is having an illegal advantage will result in a 5 points deduction. If a driver gaines a position in the race by going off track he will receive a 5 point penalty, unless the position is given back before the next turn.

There can be a few racing situations where a car can be off track without breaking the rules, such as making space for a faster car in qualy, letting cars by which are lapping you or to avoid an incident.

We don't usually monitor for track limits like this, but we feel at this track it is the best thing to do to keep things fair and enjoyable for everybody.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

AB S3 league - Race 2 FOX Aston Grand Touring reversed
Mondbrot, Tuesday 06 December 2016 - 10:59:22 // comment: 2

Race Impressions:

1. Mazdarati
2. Mondbrot
3. Black

Race 1 FXO Fern Bay Gold reversed
Mondbrot, Tuesday 22 November 2016 - 23:50:26 // comment: 2

Race Impressions:

1. Mazdaratie
2. Mondbrot
3. LRK-Racer

Time change
Mazdarati, Saturday 29 October 2016 - 18:36:44 // comment: 2

This weekend Europe will change from CEST to CET, meaning the clock will go 1 hour backwards. From next race on the times shown on the website are CET. You can always check and compare to your time zone here.

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